Sarzotti Park Workshop

Approximately 30 persons attended the Sarzotti Park Master Plan meeting last night to share their ideas and comments. The purpose of the master plan update is to provide a roadmap to help guide future improvements and amenities to the park. The previous master plan dates from the mid-1990s. Taking public input on the plan helps ensure the park meets the anticipated and current needs of the community. The plan will include estimates for future improvements, but does not guarantee they will be constructed or address how they would be funded; it is simply a plan to ensure that if/when those projects come to fruition, they will all fit together in a cohesive manner. This was the second public meeting in the process.

The next step will be for the Parks and Recreation Commission to consider making a recommendation to the City Council to adopt the master plan update. That discussion is scheduled for the February 4 meeting of the Parks & Recreation Commission, which begins at 6 p.m. at Ojai City Hall.  To watch the video from the Jan 25th meeting, please click here.

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