Virtual Recreation Center

This is our place to keep in touch with our resilient members of the community to continue providing health and well-being. In these challenging times when daily lives are filled with more indoor time, our Virtual Recreation Center will bring programs to you and your family with the hope of making it easier to stay connected to programs you love and to help keep families entertained.

Recreation Staff Videos

Videos can be found on our Virtual Recreation Center Video Page.

Indoor Activities:

Below are many ideas for staying active indoors:

  • Play a board game with another friend through FaceTime or Zoom. Choose a board game that you both have at home, set up the pieces while interacting during the game.
  • YouTube a free Yoga Video on line (or watch one of ours) and enjoy a two minute exercise or relaxation break
  • Have a Virtual lunch with a friend; maybe dress up, find a special background to video chat and have lunch.
  • Have an indoor campout and set up a tent with sheets in your bedroom.
  • Do an indoor scavenger hunt
  • Invent your own Morse code with your family
  • Play balloon volleyball in the house
  • Order a ping pong indoor table set online and play on a large table
  • Visit a Museum and look for virtual tours
  • Take a “virtual” trip to the Great Wall of China or Yellowstone National Park
  • Watch a live webcam with marine life and animals through:

Outdoor Activities:

Below are ideas for outside creative fun:

  • Look for unique rocks and bring them home to paint
  • Plant a flower or grow your own peas
  • Pitch a tent in the back yard
  • Make a scarecrow
  • Play with a soccer or basketball at home
  • Build a giant Jenga set in the backyard by cutting out ply board, you can even paint the pieces
  • Design a Scavenger Hunt in the back yard
  • Stargaze at night, there are many free apps available on the cell phones

Exercise your brain:

  • Visit library sites to check out a free ebook or audio book.
  • Learn a new language

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